Pune : Gravel heap on Aundh ITI road causes inconvenience to residents

The residents of of Aundh – ITI Road near Crossword book store in Aundh have raised concerns over a large pile of gravel lying on the footpath and partially on the road for over three weeks. Despite several complaints to the local authorities, no action has been taken to remove the heap, causing inconvenience to pedestrians and motorists. The pile has become a hazard, causing obstructions and tripping hazards for people who use the footpath and road regularly.

Residents are calling on the authorities to take immediate action to clear the heap and ensure the safety of the people. They are also urging the parties concerned to dispose of the stones in a safe and timely manner to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

This situation has raised questions about the effectiveness of the local authorities in addressing such issues and their commitment to maintaining a safe and clean environment for residents. 

A resident Dhananjay Rau from Anand Park ITI Road said, “There is a huge heap of crushed stones in front of Crossword shop. At evening time, there is huge traffic on ITI road. Commuters and pedestrians are affected.”

While speaking to a passerby who spoke on the condition of anonymity he said, “The gravels are lying for a long period now. We are cluless as to why PMC has ignored to pick up. It is a big obstruction not only for the pedestrians but also for the bikers.” 

Another resident from Anand park Satish Bhuse said “These gravels add to congestion as bikers and motorists avoid it while driving. PMC should clean it up so that the citizens dont feel the inconvenience. ” 

” We are working on identifying who threw a huge heap of crushed stone on half of road and pedestrian way in Aundh. Maybe it was thrown for any nearby construction or any housing society. We will confirm it and as soon as possible we will clean the area,” said Sandip Kalate,  Assistant Municipal Commissioner Aundh-Baner PMC.

Nividita Kelapure 

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