Pune : Malnourishment Rate falls to 0.1% of the population of children between 0-6 years

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Pune Zilha Parishad has achieved a remarkable milestone by informing that the prevalence of malnourishment among children in the age groups of 0-6 years has fallen to 0.1% of the population as per the recent census and health screening of all of children. This is the lowest ever rate in any such survey. The reduction is consistent and is sustained. 

In the last three years, Pune Zilha Parishad has conducted four rounds of census every year. We have identified pockets of higher prevalence and understated interventions. With the help of CSR Partners, we have provided free premix of horlics and milk to all children, in addition to energy dense nutritional food and midday meal supplied under the PM Poshan Scheme. 

Children in need of medical care have been provided treatment from specialist doctors under the Rastriya Bal Suraksha Karyakram. ASHA workers have monitored the health and ensured that necessary medicines are taken. 

Universal use of toilets under the swatch bharat mission and the supply of portable drinking water under the jal jeevan mission have helped reduce cases of diarrhoea. Our focussed intervention and efforts have led to these results. 

We are determined and continue to strive hard to ensure that all children who are currently malnourished receive best of care so that their health improves rapidly. 

With better results under Anaemia Mukt Bharat, we hope to ensure the number of risky pregnancies and birth of under weight children is reduced to near zero levels. 

Ayush Prasad, CEO, Pune Zilha Parishad said, “I congratulate the Woman and Child & the Public Health Department for this phenomenal achievements. We are especially thankful to the mothers for heeding to our advise and accepting our intervention for the welfare of their children.”