Pune: MSEDCL will begin by installing smart prepaid meters at its offices and staff quarters

Pune: MSEDCL will begin by installing smart prepaid meters at its offices and staff quarters

Pune: MSEDCL will begin by installing smart prepaid meters at its offices and staff quarters

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MSEDCL has taken the initiative to set up smart prepaid meters in their own offices first before introducing it to consumers. They will be installed in Pune Circle next week.

8 June 2024

Pune- The Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) is planning to install smart prepaid low-pressure electricity meters free of cost to domestic, commercial, industrial, and other customers. Smart prepaid meters will be installed in Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad as well as Ambegaon, Mulshi, Velhe, Khed, Maval, and Haveli talukas under the Pune circle. According to recent updates, these meters will first be installed in MSEDCL offices and staff quarters before replicating it elsewhere. Currently, a total of 341 smart meters have been installed at MSEDCL offices and staff quarters in Nagpur, 146 in Gondia, 30 in Wardha, 10 in Bhandara, and 95 in Chandrapur.

There are about 320 staff quarters and 250 offices of the MSEDCL in the Pune Circle and the installation work will begin next week as the model code of conduct has been lifted. The work is set to begin next week after which installation for consumers will be started. For now, they have kept both prepaid and postpaid options available for consumers but soon only the prepaid option will be made compulsory. Smart meters will mitigate problems of incorrect or untimely readings, or inaccurate bills. Consumers will also receive regular information about their electricity consumption on their phones.

Based on the subsidy received from the central government, smart meters will be installed in the offices or residences of all consumers except agricultural ones in the state. According to Lokesh Chandra, the Chairman and Managing Director of Mahavitaran, the survey for this has been completed and now the actual process of installation has begun. Electricity consumers will get free smart meters from Mahavitaran and the related companies will be obliged to maintain and repair meters for ten years.

As electricity demands are constantly increasing, a revised area distribution plan will be executed to ensure quality power supply and the strengthening of the distribution system. Smart prepaid meters will give the consumer power to control the cost of electricity and plan their consumption. These meters are also economical as they will be installed free of charge and in case of malfunction, the replacement process would be free as well. Therefore, there will be no financial burden on the consumer. These meters work in collaboration with modern digital technology. Unlike old meters, consumers can track their usage and pay the bills using mobile phones. Electricity consumers will get notifications regarding daily usage from the recharged amount and information about the end of the recharge. Even after the end of recharge, the power supply will not be interrupted from 6 PM to 10 AM and on public holidays.

The use of smart meters is already progressing in states like Jammu Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, etc.