Pune News : 6,000 square feet Miyawaki Technique based Anandvan Dense Forest inaugurated on NIBM road

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On April 22, Anandvan Foundation, in partnership with Forest Department Pune and Air Products India, marked Earth Day with a series of activities aimed at increasing environmental awareness and inspiring action to protect the planet.

The highlight of the event was the inauguration of Anandvan Dense Forest (ADF), a mini forest spanning 6000 square feet, developed using the Japanese Miyawaki Technique. The project was supported by Air Products India, a global leader in industrial gases mega project development and execution. Mukesh Sanas, RFO; Sushila Mani, MD, Air Products India; and Praveen Kumar Anand, Founder, Anandvan Foundation, jointly inaugurated the forest.

ADF consists of over 1600 saplings, including more than 100 varieties of native and rare species of trees, and aims to accelerate forest development by utilizing the Miyawaki method, which involves constructing soil, growing healthy saplings, and planting them close together. This technique can be applied to vacant patches of land, making it a sustainable way to create mini forests.

In addition to the inauguration of ADF, the event also saw hands-on activities involving corporate volunteers from companies like Amdocs and Uplight, as well as students from educational institutes. Participants engaged in activities such as watering, filling poly bags, cleaning, manuring, weeding, and learning about firelines to protect forests from fires.

The event also included a drawing competition on the theme of ‘Invest in Our Planet’, which saw the participation of around 50 children from different schools. The children came up with creative ideas to protect the planet, and the best drawings were rewarded.

Overall, the Earth Day event organized by Anandvan Foundation successfully spread awareness about the interconnectedness of all living things and the urgent need to take action to protect our planet. The inauguration of Anandvan Dense Forest and the hands-on activities were a significant step towards environmental conservation, and the drawing competition encouraged young minds to think creatively about protecting our planet for future generations. Anandvan Foundation’s initiative was praised for its efforts to raise awareness and inspire action on Earth Day.

Nividita Kelapure