Pune News : The Apprentice Project provides platform to students to exhibit Sustainable Development Goals based projects

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Pune : The Apprentice Project (TAP) hosted their Pune student showcase recently providing an opportunity for all the students who have been engaging with TAP to proudly display their innovative SDG based projects through visual arts, coding and electronics.

The Apprentice Project (TAP) is an ed-tech non-profit committed to empowering underprivileged students todevelop social and emotional skills through an AI and ML-powered WhatsApp chatbot combined with in-person mentor support and teacher training. 

Their chatbot delivers video-based electives (Coding, Electronics, Visual and Performing Arts, etc.) and prompts students to perform activities independently via personalized (AI) bot-based nudges and content. After almost a year of learning with TAP, the students had a chance to display their projects during this student showcase.

The student showcase started with the opening ceremony with inspiring speeches by the guests of honour including Mr. Sandeep Rai, CEO & Founder of The Circle India, Dr. Sujata Deshpande, Head of CSR, Thermax Foundation, Arun Kadekodi, Founder & CEO of Soft Corner, and CSR team and leaders from Capgemini. They spoke about the importance of holistic education, project based learning and the importance of skills like critical thinking and collaboration.

More than 500+ student projects were showcased, based on topics of waste management, climate change, financial literacy and spreading awareness about global issues. The showcase saw a total of 400+ attendees which included students, teachers, parents and volunteers, all eager to share and learn.