Pune News : Central Railway Installs 135 kWp Solar Rooftop Plants, Boosting Sustainability Efforts

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Central Railway takes a significant stride towards sustainable energy by the installation of Solar Rooftop Plants at multiple stations in June 2023. This initiative aims to harness solar power and reduce the railway’s carbon footprint. Furthermore, Central Railway has secured contracts to develop 1 MW Solar Plants at various locations, reinforcing their commitment to clean energy.

The Solar Rooftop Plants were successfully installed at the following stations:

Solapur Division

– Osmanabad – 20 kWp
– Barshi Town – 15 kWp
– Wadsinge – 10 kWp
– Salgare – 15 kWp
– Parewadi – 10 kWp
– Mohol – 10 kWp
– Tilati – 10 kWp

Nagpur Division

– Kala Akhar – 5 kWp
– Pola Patthar – 10 kWp
– Maramjhiri – 10kWp
– Taku – 10kWp
– Jaulkhera – 5kWp
– Dodaramohar – 5kWp

In line with its commitment to renewable energy, Central Railway has awarded the contracts to develop 1 MW Solar Plant at 81 locations throughout its network. This ambitious project will further augment the railway’s solar energy capacity and promote sustainable practices across its operations. Additionally, Central Railway has successfully secured a tender for a 1 MW capacity solar plant at the new Electric Loco Shed Ajni in Nagpur Division. Through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), this plant will generate clean energy and contribute to reducing the railway’s reliance on non-renewable resources. Furthermore, Central Railway has plans to develop a 1 MW solar plant at Pune Division through the PPA mode. This project signifies the railway’s commitment to expanding its solar energy footprint and fostering a greener future.

Solar Plants on Vacant or Unused Railway Land
To facilitate the installation of solar plants, Central Railway has identified approximately 2,694 acres of vacant or unused railway land. These locations hold immense potential for the development of solar infrastructure and will aid in further reducing the railway’s carbon emissions.

Central Railway remains steadfast in its pursuit of sustainable practices and continues to explore avenues to enhance its environmental performance. The installation of Solar Rooftop Plants and the development of several other Solar Plants demonstrate Central Railway’s commitment to a greener and more sustainable future.

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