Pune News : PEHEL 2023 marks E-waste and plastic waste collection drive in Pune city

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Attention citizens of Pune, if you have missed the chance to donate your E-waste and plastic in the PEHEL 2023 Plastic and E-waste Handling for Ecofriendly Lifestyle drive, don’t worry! You can still contribute to this noble cause.

The drive has successfully collected 16.150 tons of E-waste and 7.5 tons of plastic waste from 2560 donors with the help of 950+ volunteers. This mega drive has been a huge success in promoting eco-friendly habits among the citizens of Pune.

For those who still wish to donate, there is a Door to Door E-waste collection system active in Pune city. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScMBrL961C_YsB5jlGGSFdIb5XwjLHijiRCvG8fVlLThehJeA/viewform The DOOR2DOOR e-waste collection system is a hassle-free and convenient way to contribute towards environmental conservation.

If you face any difficulties in the pickup process or have any questions, you can contact the Door to Door team at 7507999155 or 7522999155. Don’t wait any longer, do your part for the planet and donate your E-waste and plastic waste today!

“All you want to do is you have to fill up the Google form, and tell us about your area. We will schedule a waste collection van at your doorstep, you can also scan the following QR code and place your pick-up request at your doorstep,” said Nimita Khatavkar, Member of Poornam Ecovision Foundation. 

Nividita Kelapure