Pune : Stray dog issue raises concern for Amanora Park Town residents; Demand permanent solution

Pune : Stray dog issue raises concern for Amanora Park Town residents; Demand permanent solution

Pune : Stray dog issue raises concern for Amanora Park Town residents; Demand permanent solution( Image for representational purpose only)

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Residents of Amanora Park Town in Hadapsar are troubled as, when they come out of the gate of the building, the stray dogs dangerously run towards them, start barking etc. The residents are demanding a permanent solution for this.

A resident of Amanora Park Town, Hadapsar, requesting anonymity, said “We have fought a lot to resolve this issue in which we have also involved the Prime Minister. We have explained every guideline of the Animal Welfare Board (AWB) regarding this & we have sent that to the Prime Minister’s Office. Then, he raised this with Animal Welfare Board. However, we have got a very weird answer regarding it as they didn’t answer about the points we had raised. We have also raised several complaints about the trouble makers, of which the investigation is going on.”

The resident further said “This stray dog issue has been resolved to some extent in our community. But, Amanora is a huge society in which there are different sectors. The stray dog feeders come outside the society & feed the stray dogs there. If anyone tried to stop them or tell them to feed the stray dogs at the designated feeding points, they threaten them to go away or else. For now, the situation is balanced. But, it’s not resolved permanently. We have taken a lot of measures to restore peace, harmony etc in the society. However, it is not a permanent solution. Permanent solution would be when the laws are changed, the government & courts understand such challenges & take serious note of it. That’s when a permanent solution would be thought about.”

Pune Pulse had raised this issue in July 2023 –

The residents of Amanora Park Town in Hadapsar worry as the number of stray dogs and their attacks are increasing every day. As a result, people fear to step out of their homes – 

Sonal Joshi, Customer Relation Manager, Amanora Park Town, Hadapsar, said “People feed the stray dogs anywhere. They take the disadvantage of the law as the law is not clear yet & feed anywhere. We have approached the relevant authorities for this. As per law, there has to be a committee who can take the decision regarding stray dogs in & around the society. Since July 2023, we are trying to form the committee by approaching the government authorities. However, it has not been done as of now. So, a concrete solution isn’t there regarding this.

Hence, the feeders take disadvantage of the law & feed stray dogs anywhere in the vicinity of the society. Some emails are being sent to us regarding creation of more feeding areas. But that cannot be done until the committee is formed. Feeders are only concerned about the stray dogs. But there are senior citizens, children etc in & around the society.

So, at a residential area, we have to think about everyone; animals should also be safe & sound and humans are also safe. So, in the committee, there has to be government officials, an animal NGO & society resident, who will discuss, think about amicable solutions & take decisions regarding such issues. Until this committee is formed, we are asking everyone to follow the rules given by Animal Welfare Association.”

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