Pune : Residents of Oro Avenue in Marunji’s Life Republic raised civic issues, seek solution 

Pune : Residents of Oro Avenue in Marunji's Life Republic raised civic issues, seek solution 

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 Member of Parliament Supriya Sule recently visited the Oro Avenue Cooperative Housing Society in the R9 sector of the Life Republic Township, which comes under the constituency of Baramati. The outreach initiative was aimed to foster direct communication between the esteemed MP and the residents. 

Upon her arrival, Supriya Sule was welcomed by the Oro Avenue society chairman, Sejal Bhatia, and secretary, Prashant Koli, who facilitated the gathering. Residents had the opportunity to voice their concerns and present a list of common public issues affecting their community.

Vijay Shejwal, sector R7 Chairman and Amol Dangat, member of Oro Avenue CHS, took the opportunity to present a list of common public concerns, chief among these concerns were traffic congestion on the Marunji-Hinjawadi road, deteriorating road conditions, inadequate provision for buses from the Life Republic township, and the rising cost of high school fees. These pressing issues, reflective of the daily challenges faced by constituents, were earnestly conveyed to Supriya Sule for her attention and action.

Supriya Sule listened to each concern, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to addressing the needs of her constituents. She expressed gratitude for the community’s engagement and assured residents that their voices would be heard in the corridors of power.

As Supriya Sule concluded her visit to the Oro Avenue society, a sense of optimism permeated the air. The event underscored the power of direct engagement between elected representatives and the communities they serve. 

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