Pune : SVP India’s unique initiative – ‘Pitch Perfect’ brings NGOs and donors together

Pune : SVP India’s unique initiative - 'Pitch Perfect' brings NGOs and donors together

Pune : SVP India’s unique initiative - 'Pitch Perfect' brings NGOs and donors together

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Pune: January, 31

Some NGOs have incredible stories that they are unable to tell and pitching is very difficult for NGO founders. 

It is for this reason that SVP Pune has planned an evening where 8 non-profits will share a 5-minute compelling story that communicates who they are, what they do, and the impact a donor’s support can make. It will happen on February 2, 2024.

Pitch Perfect is a bridge, connecting those in need with those willing to help, amplifying its impact on our communities. The presenting NGOs have been coached for two months on presentation skills, storytelling, and communication skills by SVP partners who are professionals and senior industry leaders.

All presenting NGOs are based out of Maharashtra and work at the very grassroots to help uplift lives. Prayatna for People with Special Needs, Dnyanada Institute of Flow Piping Technology (DIPT), Eklavya India Foundation, Tapasya Pratishthan, Agro Rangers Trust, Samata Centre (Action for Impact Foundation), Anubhuti Social Empowerment and Educational Foundation (Focus on women empowerment through sustainable livelihood training) and Blue Cross (free OPD and affordable IPD for small animals) are the presenting NGOs for the evening.

Rachna Rathi, Chair, SVP Pune Chapter said, “Over the years, the Pune Chapter has worked with over 30 non-profits and it is during this time that we have realized that building an image and fundraising is one of the most challenging tasks an NGO founder has. This challenge arises from a lack of expertise, resulting in missed opportunities for support. Pitch Perfect is an attempt to provide comprehensive coaching in storytelling and fundraising techniques, empowering organizations to better articulate their mission and achievements.”

Govind Iyer, Chair, SVP India said, “SVP is a unique global institution focussing on creating impact through ‘engaged philanthropy’. Creating engaged philanthropists who understand the NGOs and support and scale their work is at the very core of SVP. Pitch Perfect is one such initiative where we are looking at supporting the NGOs through building their capacities that can accelerate their growth.”

The evening has been structured such that philanthropists, entrepreneurs, funders, and corporates will get an opportunity to connect and interact with credible NGOs that are truly making a change.

Benefits of Pitch Perfect:

– ‘Pitch Perfect’ is an initiative offering a multitude of benefits for both NGOs and donors alike. It provides a platform for organizations to showcase their impactful work directly to potential donors, fostering greater visibility and support.

– Donors, in turn, benefit from the opportunity to instantly verify NGOs and their work ensuring their contributions make a meaningful difference.

– By enhancing capacity development, the initiative empowers NGOs to scale their impact and reach more communities in need.

– Furthermore, it facilitates ongoing communication between NGOs and donors, fostering long-term partnerships and sustained support.

– Lastly, Pitch Perfect opens doors to funding opportunities from corporate and CSR foundations, enabling NGOs to access resources essential for driving sustainable change. In essence, Pitch Perfect catalyzes collaboration and innovation, driving positive social impact across communities.

About SVP India:

Founded in 2012, SVP India is the country’s largest structured engaged philanthropy platform comprising over 550 successful individuals from diverse backgrounds like entrepreneurs, executives, academics, and homemakers across 8 cities. The SVP India Board has Ajit Rangnekar, (ex Dean ISB), Govind Iyer (Ex-Partner, Egon Zehnder; Board Member, Infosys), Prasad Baji (Ex-Edelweiss), Rati Forbes, (Forbes Family Foundation) and Amita Chauhan (Parle Group). The SVP Pune Chapter was founded by Dr. Ganesh Natarajan in 2014 and subsequent chairs were Meher Pudumjee, Rati Forbes, and Rachna Rathi who is the current Chair. Over the years, the Chapter Management Committee for the Pune Chapter had Kumar Gera, Vasudevan Murthi, Vinita Ram, Mahesh Makhija, Narendra Goidani, Jitendra Tanna, Girish Waradadkar and Katyayani Hegde. At SVP, many of our partners contribute by way of giving their skills, competencies, and time to carefully chosen non-profits. In return, they learn about the ground realities of the social sector and help smaller community-based organizations develop and grow. In Pune, to date, we have worked with over 30 non-profits and are currently engaged in funding and strengthening the work of 11 more.

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