Pune : Parge Nagar Societies in Kondhwa Grapple with Water Scarcity Woes

Pune : Parge Nagar Societies in Kondhwa Grapple with Water Scarcity Woes

Pune : Parge Nagar Societies in Kondhwa Grapple with Water Scarcity Woes (Representational Image )

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Residents of several societies in Parge Nagar, Kondhwa are facing a significant water shortage. According to the residents, the Pune Municipal Corporation is providing limited water supply, hence the societies are compelled to arrange 10 to 12 tankers daily from private water suppliers.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Imran Amini, Resident of Alcon Royce, Parge Nagar, said “We have to purchase around 12 water tankers for the society. For this, the society has to spend extra cost i.e. Rs 1.5 lakh monthly. I have followed this up with the higher officials of the PMC several times but it is of no use. They say that water is getting supplied from their side. Even if this might be the case, the water supply isn’t reaching any of the nearby societies along with mine. This issue has been very prevalent for a lot of time. We pay a huge property tax in which there is also the tax for water supply included. Still, if the PMC cannot provide sufficient amounts of water to the residents, what’s the use ? ” 

As per further information from Imran Amini “The water shortage has resulted in a considerable financial burden, costing us approximately Rs 1,25,000 to 1,50,000. It’s crucial for us to gauge the extent of this problem collectively and explore possible solutions.”

Sajid Mirza, Resident of Sobha Orion, Parge Nagar, said “We have to purchase a lot of water tankers to meet our water needs. For 5 years, this water shortage issue has been going on. Earlier, a water line was started for the area. However, since 1 to 1.5 years, the water shortage has surfaced again. We have complained about this to the PMC several times.”

Pravin Mandlik, Chairman of Sobha Ivory, Parge Nagar, said “We have to purchase 10 water tankers daily for the society. Suddenly, the water supply has dropped. Due to water tanker purchasing, the society had to increase its maintenance cost. Also, these tankers are private tankers, not PMC’s.”

Nitin Khude, PMC 24×7 Water Supply Official, said “I shall visit the society to find out the exact cause of the issue and take relevant steps to restore water supply.” 

Shreyas Vange 

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