Pune to Host Special Aeromodelling Show on March 3 – Learn More!

Pune to Host Special Aeromodelling Show on March 3 - Learn More!

Pune to Host Special Aeromodelling Show on March 3 - Learn More!

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The Maharashtra Mandal Pune gears up for its 100th-year celebration with an exciting “Aeromodelling Show” featuring thrilling stunts and educational demonstrations.

In a momentous event, the Maharashtra Mandal Pune is set to commemorate its 100th centennial year on March 3rd, 2024, at Mukund Nagar, Pune. It was established in 1924 by Captain Shivrampant Damle. 

Originally founded in the pre-independence era, the Maharashtriya Mandal Pune aimed to foster physical fitness and encourage people to contribute to the military forces for nation-building. Nearly a century later, the organization remains committed to these ideals, and the upcoming centennial celebration is a testament to their enduring dedication.

To make this milestone memorable, the Mandal members have organised an “Aeromodelling Show” specially curated for college and school students in Mukund Nagar. 

Renowned air modeller “Sadanand Kale” has been enlisted to conduct the show, aiming to inspire and educate students about the exciting world of aviation.

Sadanand Kale shared that the upcoming show will feature captivating demonstrations, including flying eagles, fish, banner towing, and flower dropping. Adding to the excitement, thrilling stunts will be performed on various aircraft models such as the Rafale, Mirage 2000, Tejas, and Sukhoi-30.

Beyond the entertainment value, the show seeks to promote the importance of air modelling and illuminate potential career opportunities for students. Attendees, especially children, will have the chance to learn about the significance of flight and the intricacies involved in takeoff. The Maharashtra Mandal Pune’s centennial celebration promises not only excitement but also an educational experience for all.Harjeet Kaur Chabra 

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