Salunke Vihar implements green projects adding beauty to its premises

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Army Welfare Cooperative Housing Society’s Salunke Vihar in Kondhwa has over 700 units. Ever since its establishment, the society has maintained a green haven for a variety of birds, butterflies and insects. It has also adopted the various changes and switched to composting wet waste generated within the society’s premises and installed rooftop solar panels.

Wet Waste Management :

The society has installed a composting machine which takes up atleast 300 kgs of wet waste generated from within the society. The society uses the manure produced from the waste in its garden.

Rooftop Solar Project :

To reduce the consumption of electricity and further reduce the burden of electricity bills, the society installed Rooftop Solar Panels in two areas in the society. The total project of 50 kw provides electricity supply to the water pumps and lights the street lights in the society. The electricity bills have reduced drastically.
The society has been getting rebate in the property tax too.