Save Pavana : 30 Pune youths study Pavana river basin for 7 days 

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Pune: Youth water warriors in Maharashtra have completed an extraordinary seven-day journey on foot to revive the Pavana River. The “Chala Jaanuya Nadila ” campaign, jointly run by the Government of Maharashtra and the Jal Biradari, aims to revive 11 rivers of Pune district, including the Pavana River. And therefore a felicitation ceremony was held on the occasion of the “International Day of Action for Rivers” in Fergusson college

The youths belong to the Jal Biradari organisation and walked from December 24 to 30. 

This journey, known as the Pavana Nadi Yatra, was undertaken by 30 youths who walked from the confluence to the source of the river, discussing the river, its dependent ecosystems, and the riverside villages and their lifestyle.

The youth water warriors shared their experiences of the journey through various media, such as dance, singing, painting, poetry reading, and dialogue. The yatris appealed for efforts to ensure that the Pavana River continues to flow.

Dr. Rajendra Singh, known as the Waterman of India, virtually attended the felicitation ceremony held on the occasion of the “International Day of Action for Rivers.” He emphasized the importance of the youth in the campaign and encouraged them to consider it as their own and work towards making the rivers nectar channels once again.

Sub Divisional Officer of Pune District Sneha Kisbe-Devkate expressed, “These participants tried to revive the river in me, your energy will surely give me strength in my administrative work”

Venkatesh Durvas, Deputy Commissioner of the Urban Development Department, congratulated the yatris and assured the district administration’s full cooperation for the Yatras of the given and remaining 10 rivers.

Participants of the Pavana Nadi Yatra shared their personal experiences, highlighting the importance of the campaign in reviving the rivers. 

Krishna Bathe, a Pavana Yatri, said, “Many people treat Mula-Mutha river as a sewer, only installation of Sewage treatment plants will not help but we need to keep the river water clean. Whereas, thousands of crores are spent to beautify the river banks, but the river itself is almost dead today, so this needs attention.”

Meanwhile, Rasika Walhekar, another Pawana yatri, expressed her gratitude for the enriching experiences and love the river had given her during the journey. She said, “I am residing in Walhekarwadi on the bank of Pavana river. I was connected to the river because of my father’s social work but now people are saying that I waste time by walking through river banks. Whereas, I feel I have earned and learned too much, river is like my mother and gave me so many memorable moments. Truly the Pavana River Dialogue Yatra has enriched me.”

Mrunal Jadhav

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