Wakad Prodigy Samarth Hegde Clinches Two Gold Medals Again at Karate Association Federation in Pune

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Karate Association of India Federation held in Pune this year, witnessed great show by Samarth as he bagged two gold medals. Last year, in August, Samarth won a gold and a silver medal respectively at the International Karate Championship held in Delhi

Samarth Hegde, an eight year-old Karate champion of Wakad proved himself again at the Karate Association Federation held in Pune recently. The event was organized by Mr. Ashok Vetal and was attended by the General Secretary of Karate Association of India, Mr. Rajneesh Choudhary. Other dignitaries such as Shri Ram Wakdkar also blessed the event with their gracious presence. These were selection matches held at the District Level where he bagged two Gold medals at the event in both Kata and Kumite categories proudly qualifying for Federation Karate Association of India State Level Competition which is scheduled be held in May.

In a telephonic conversation with Laxmish Hegde, proud parents of Samarth expressed their contentment with the triumph by saying that he and his wife, Vidya Hegde believed in Samarth’s potential and hard work as they watched him train for at least 2-3 hours everyday. He describes Samarth as a self-driven, self-motivated child who takes his challenges seriously and works consistently towards achieving his goals.

Samarth has excelled constantly under the guidance of coach Tej Pratap sir as well as the rest of his team. Tej Pratap sir has been coaching Samarth from his initial days and has played a key role in his success. Ashok Vetal Sir has also timely guided Samarth to progress. Big thanks to his all well wishers in family and friend circle. Laxmish, further talked about Samarth’s initial days of Karate and exclaimed that while playing cricket one day, his coaches suggested his parents to put him in a sport which requires constant muscular activity and engagement. The journey of Karate hence began when he was just six years old. Samarth has been an ardent follower of various international Karate champions and wished to become like them someday. Samarth wishes to represent India in the Olympics games one day as per his father’s statement.

When asked about Laxmish’s message to other Karate aspirants and their parents, he emphasized that parents should always extend their support to their children in every way possible. They must not interfere with their children’s interests be it in any field of life. They must be present with them at every step of the way and show a constant belief. They must not chase results all the time, rather they should let their children enjoy the sport and make the best out of it. As parents, they should trust the coaches of their children and their wisdom and must extend their warm support at all times without making them feel pressured to yield great results.

Samarth is preparing for his upcoming first ever International Karate Championship which is scheduled to be held in Dubai around April end of month. We wish him good luck for his future.

Payoshi Bisht